HIAB lorry Training


ALLMI is the only UK training scheme devoted exclusively to lorry loaders.  ALLMI sets the standards and delivers an accreditation service which is recognised and supported by HSE.

After successfully completing training you are registered on the ALLMI database and receive an ALLMI certificate and identity card that is valid for five years.

After 5 years you will need refresher training and more assessments check to be sure you are still operating to a high standard.

You will also receive your ALLMI Training Operator Training Manual to refer to through your career.

The Health and Safety at Work etc, Act 1974 demands that employers have safe systems of work, so that their employees are protected from any risk, so far as is reasonably practicable.

Our ALLMI training programme meets employers’ and employees’ responsibilities under the Act, as well as the requirements of all other legislation relating to the operation of lorry loaders.

“The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) commends the use of this Training Programme to those who have duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. This programme was drawn up with the participation of a HSE representative and will be referred to in relevant HSE publications.”

Due to maintaining consistently high standards ALLMI has achieved the HSE’s ‘Working in Partnership’ award.


ALLMI’s objectives are:

  • To ensure that standards and qualifications for all instructors are in place, consistent and maintained.
  • To ensure that all operators receive sufficient quality of training to be able to operate a lorry loader in a safe and efficient manner.
  • To offer a competitive and nationally recognised training programme for instructors and operators of lorry loaders.

The operator course consists of 15 modules, spread over 1 or 2 days depending on experience (one day for experienced operators, two days for novices). Course places are limited to four people per course and can be carried out at your premises or ours.

Once the course has been completed successfully, the operator will receive an identity card and certificate and be registered on the ALLMI database, as well as receiving an ALLMI operator manual to be used as a reference guide during their career. The card and certificate lasts for 5 years, and a one day refresher course and assessment must be taken after this time in order to renew the qualification.

ALLMI’s training scheme comes from years of technical knowledge from its committee. In addition to the professional members of the committee, the Health and Safety Executive is also represented. ALLMI operator training is the only lorry loader training programme that is commended by the Health & Safety Executive.

Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: Legislation

Module 3: Introduction to the Lorry Loader

Module 4: Pre-operational Checks

Module 5: Operator Maintenance Instruction

Module 6: Lifting Equipment/Attachments

Module 7: Siting the Lorry Loader

Module 8: Deployment of Stabiliser Legs

Module 9: Use of Controls

Module 10: Preparing Lorry Loader for Use

Module 11: Operating Lorry Loader

Module 12: Stowing Procedures

Module 13: Preparation for Assessment/Revision

Module 14: Assessment: Theory and Practical

Module 15: Final Administration

Choose the best package for your training needs
HIAB Novice Training Course
£495 + VAT
(2 days)
Operators Manual
Operators Certificate
ALLMI / CSCS Photo Card
(£35  extra admin fee costs for the above)
£275 + VAT
(1 day)
Operators Manual
Operators Certificate
ALLMI / CSCS Photo Card
(£35 extra admin fee costs for the above)
On Job HIAB Training
Hiab Lorry Loader Training
£250 + VAT
(per day)
Operators Manual
Operators Certificate
ALLMI / CSCS Photo Card
(£35 extra admin fee cost for the above)